Presidents Message

Tray LennonGreetings to all, I hope everyone is well and making it through the pandemic of 2020. Maybe we can all get back to work and our lives, I was getting tired of eating my own cooking. The conference of 2020 went well. We came out in the black and hope everyone had a good time in Victoria. The board and I would like to send a special thanks to John Clegg and Clegg Services for all that they did to make the conference great. I think everyone enjoyed the yard tour, and getting to see all that Clegg Services does, and the history of the Spirit Inn of Mission Valley.

Looking  forward we will be holding the next conference in Lubbock, TX  this upcoming January 28th- 31st, 2021. It will be great to get out West in Madewell Country and visit the Hindmans yard.

I would also like to extend many thanks and appreciation to the board for choosing me to serve this great organization. I will do my best to uphold the high standards that have been set by my predecessors. A couple of new board members were elected. I would like to welcome Mark Hindman and Kyle Oney to the board. We look forward to their ideas and input.

We will try to have more information on the conference in the fall magazine.

Everyone go ahead and make reservations, plane tickets, etc. We will do our part to bring the economy back. Everyone please send in pictures and articles, always need stories for the magazine.

Tray Lennon, 

TASM President

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