Stop… and Think…
When Hiring a Structural Mover!

Things to Consider when Hiring a Structural Mover in Texas

Unfortunately, we are in times when being unscrupulous is not uncommon. So, when individuals arrive on your moving site and make promises of being able to resolve one’s need for a good price… and then disappear with your money you will have wished you had researched your mover more closer.

Our TASM Association exist due to these "Bad Actors" and they do exist.

Here Are Some Considerations Before… Hiring a Structural Mover to Perform Work on your Property.

  • Does the company have insurance that includes general liability, workman’s comp, and cargo? What dollar amounts/limits does the policy cover? A certificate of insurance should be requested and received with the Mover bid(s).
  • How long has the business been operating? Is the company a recent start-up or well established?
  • Has the company you are considering have expert experience with the type of structure you need moved? They should have pictures or examples of structural moves they have performed.
  • What is the size of the mover’s average project? Does your structural move project match his/her expertise?
  • Does the company have the necessary equipment readily available to do your job or will they be renting part of the equipment? Most structural movers own their equipment.
  • Can the company provide you with recent references? If so, you should call them before deciding or signing a contract.
  • Can the company provide a “detailed contract outline” with both parties’ obligations before work begins?
    Costs of total job, payment Schedule (not all up front), timeline to complete job.
  • Can the mover give you a “written time frame” for completion?
  • Does the mover need to be pull appropriate City-Electrical/Cable, escort permits and same issues for State Highway permits in your area to stay legal on the move?
  • Would the mover be employing any sub-contractors on your job? If yes, a certificate of insurance should be requested and received prior to any work commencing.
  • Would the company be willing to schedule a site visit to see the company’s shop and working operations?
  • If the company says no… to many of these questions then consider those “No’s” possible red flag warnings.
  • Move payments should come in job increments as completed and that should generally be in “thirds of the total” amount and written into the contract.
  • Con-men are fantastic salesmen… so be smarter and take your time on these details….don’t rush into possible hazards and do your research well. Often time's getting in a hurry cost you more!

The Texas Structural Movers Association Members were formed and united to rise above those that prey on innocent consumers. TASM members abide by membership ethics, the oversight of peer reviews and all potential members are reviewed by the TASM Board of Directors prior to joining.


Call TASM Headquarters If You Have Any Questions.


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