Preparing To Move A House: What Do You Do?

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It’s one thing to prepare for a house move, but it’s an entirely new thing to have your home moved to another land entirely. Looking at it from a homeowner’s perspective, it’s not everyday we get to hear someone planning to actually move their entire structure to another lot. However, those who do have the means to do so probably plan these structure moves for a variety of reasons - perhaps this house has sentimental value, or perhaps this is their only home and they simply want the same house in a new and improved location. 


If you find yourself planning to move your house, you might want to consider actually moving your old home into a new place. Here are some considerations you should remember:



  • Ensure your location allows structure moving in the first place. Different locations have different policies, especially when it comes to homeownership. If you plan on having a structure moved, it’s important to know that the place you plan on putting your house allows this to happen in the first place. For instance, if you’re planning on moving to Manhattan, you need to make sure you hire professionals that are licensed and legally allowed to move your structure in Manhattan in the first place. That way, you’re sure to know that the money you pay and the preparation you’ve made won’t be put to waste. 
  • Weight and size counts. Like moving other objects, moving houses largely depends on how big and how “heavy” it is in the first place. It’s much more difficult to move a mansion compared to a small bungalow.
  • Crawl and foundation matters. Aside from the weight and the size, the crawl space and the foundation also matters when moving a home. Movers need to see how the crawl space, or where the steel slats are inserted, work and how the core foundation of the home is build before they conduct the full move. 
  • Obstacles may get in the way. Aside from the actual house, movers also need to get a good estimate of how accessible your area is when your home is being moved. If your area has a ton of obstacles in its route and on its path, it’s going to be much more difficult - and therefore costly - for your move. You might have to cut down some trees or make adjustments to your routes, which might need a bit of paperwork. 
  • Labor and equipment will also cost you. Aside from the actual cost of the move, you’ll also have to pay for the equipment and labor used to conduct the move in the first place. You have to be careful as to the kind of equipment and labor that will be used for the move, as they’ll all contribute to the final cost. When looking over labor and equipment, clarify with the mover just what these equipment are for to make sure you’re dealing with the right tools. 
  • Shape and structure determines difficulty of the move. Again, similar to how size and weight counts in a house move, the way the house is shaped and formed also determines the likely price and difficulty of a house move. A box-type house will be much easier to move as there won’t be any stress with the equipment, while a mansion will likely have a lot of corners and areas to consider for the entire move. This may increase the overall costs of the move.
  • Get the right quotation. Unfortunately, moving a house won’t always accrue a flat fee or a set fee. It’s very likely that the moving and storage service you’ll get in touch with will be using a wide variety of factors to price a house move - with some prices ranging from USD 12 to USD 16 per square foot. This fee may increase depending on the equipment and the labor. As such, if your movers provide a quotation, do ask them if this is the final quotation or if there are other factors that will be checked throughout the moving process. 



Moving Structures: It Takes Time, Planning, Execution


Similar to house moves, a structure move takes time, planning, and proper execution. Relying on the right professionals to make the right budget computations and to use the right equipment can definitely make your structure move easy and finish quickly. However, unlike house moves that can be done in a span of a few weeks, you need to remember that you need a bit of patience to ensure your structure moves successfully and goes on smoothly. Good luck! 

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  1. I’m looking at a small farm house to be moved it’s 1800 square feet, looks tall. From Bremond, Tx to Normangee, Tx. I can send a picture.

    Or I have a 800 square ft. Cabin includes a porch across the front of it. From Trinity, Tx to Normangee, Tx

  2. Hello

    Just starting to plan a house move , Do I concrete runners or some type on foundation to put the house on .

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